The Durand Agreement or the Kabul Convention of 1893

Whereas certain questions have arisen regarding the frontier of Afghanistan on the side of India, and whereas both His Highness the Amir and the Government of India are desirous of settling these questions by friendly understanding, and of fixing the…

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Treaty of Gandamak, 1879

TREATY between the British Government and His Highness Muhammad Yakub Khan, Amir of Afghanistan and its dependencies, concluded at Gandamak on the 26th May 1879, by His Highness the Amir Mahommed Yakub Khan on his own part and on the…

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Treaty between Ameer Dost Muhammad Khan and British India, 1855

Treaty between the British Government and His Highness Ameer Dost Mohummud Khan, Walee of Cabool and of those countries of Afghanistan now in his possession ; concluded on the part of the British Government by John Lawrence, Esquire, Chief Commissioner…

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Treaty between Amir Habibullah Khan and British India, 1905

Treaty with Amir Habibullah Khan continuing the Agreements which had existed between the British Government and Amir Abdur Rahman Khan. He is God, Extolled be His Perfection His Majesty Siraj-ul-milat-wa-ud-din Amir Habibullah Khan, Independent King of the State of Afghanistan…

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Treaty of Peace at Rawalpindi 8th August 1919

Treaty of Peace between the illustrious British Government and the Independent Afghan Government concluded at Rawalpindi on the 8th August 1919, corresponding to the 11th Zirada, 1337 Hijra. The following Articles for the restoration of peace have been agreed upon…

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The legendary land of Khorasan

The following was written in Farsi (Persian) by Farhang Dost. This is the English translation. by Sohrab Balkhi For many years the tribal people have brainwashed us with the idea of national unity and, naively, we have accepted the idea.…

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General Information about Afghanistan

 Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Location: Southern Asia, north and west of Pakistan, east of Iran, south of Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan and west of China. Geographic coordinates: ۳۳ ۰۰ N, 65 00 E  Map references: Asia: Area: total: 652,000 sq…

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